Technical Specification

Specification Temperature Humidity
Range 20°C to 60°C 40%RH to 85%RH
Accuracy +/- 0.2°C +/- 2.0%
Uniformity +/- 1.0°C Uniformity +/- 3.0%

Standard equipment's operating conditions

25°C / 60%RH • 30°C / 65%RH • 40°C / 75%RH • 30°C / 75%RH

Standard equipment's operating conditions

25°C / 40%RH • 30°C / 35%RH • 40°C / 25%RH

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Models Capacity Internal size in MM External size in MM Tray Qty Tray size in MM Total Load
AD/SC-15 150 500Wx400Dx750H 625Wx1100Dx1650H 2 425Wx395Dx30H 3KW
AD/SC-25 250 600Wx400Dx1050H 725Wx1100Dx1650H 2 525Wx395Dx30H 3KW
AD/SC-40 400 700Wx500Dx1150H 825Wx1200Dx1750H 3 625Wx495Dx30H 3.5KW
AD/SC-50 500 700Wx600Dx1200H 825Wx1300Dx1800H 3 625Wx595Dx30H 3.5KW
AD/SC-60 600 700Wx600Dx1450H 825Wx1300Dx2050H 3 625Wx595Dx30H 3.5KW
AD/SC-80 800 700Wx800Dx1450H 825Wx1500Dx2050H 4 625Wx795Dx30H 3.5KW
AD/SC-100 1000 800Wx800Dx2050H 925Wx1500Dx2200H 4 725Wx795Dx30H 3.5KW

Standard Features


Double wall inner tank and outer body is dynamically designed. The Equipment interior is constructed with stainless steel 304 grade finish-4 and exterior is constructed with powder coated GI sheet/ stainless steel 304 grade finish-4.


Stainless steel perforated tray with intervals of ½" height adjustment for better sample storage.


Heavy duty toughened double glass door installed with imported hinges and lock for easy operation.

Optional Backup System

Equipment is installed with PLC based auto change over backup system for Refrigeration system and Steam Generator system.

PLC based control system

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